Born in 1956

Domaine Michel Gros

Since 1979


Domaine Jean Gros


1925-1984 / Born in 1935

Domaine Gros Frère & Sœur

Since 1963

Born in 1957

Domaine AF Gros

Since 1988

Born in 1958

Domaine Gros

Frère & Sœur

1804 - 1884


Domaine Gros Guenaud


Domaine Gros Renaudot


Domaine Louis Gros


Domaine François Gros


Domaine Anne & François Gros


Born in 1966

Domaine Anne Gros

Since 1996





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Alphonse 1804 - 1884


Everything started with Alphonse GROS.

Born in 1804 at Chaux (a small village in the Hautes-Côtes de Nuits located at 2 km above Nuits-Saint-Georges), Alphonse GROS got married with Miss LATOUR and settled in Vosne-Romanée in 1830.

In this village, whose name would become one of the most famous wine appellation in the world, Alphonse GROS bought a house, part of which is still Jean GROS's home at No 3 Rue des Communes.

This house sheltered Don TROUVÉ during the 1789 revolution, since he was Father Superior of the Abbey of Cîteaux.

In 1860, Alphonse bought the CLOS DES REAS parcel which is now fully run by Michel GROS.





Domaine Gros Guenaud


Louis-Gustave, one of the two sons of Alphonse, took over his father's domain and got married with Miss GUENAUD.

At that time, he sold his wines under the name Domaine GROS-GUENAUD.

He was one of the first vine-growers from the Côte to sell his wine in bottles directly to private customers. In 1882, he bought 2 hectares of Richebourg, which are now run by the 3 other family domains.





Domaine Gros Renaudot

Jules GROS got married with Miss RENAUDOT and run his vines under the name Domaine GROS-RENAUDOT.

In 1920, Jules GROS bought two parcels of Clos Vougeot at Léonce BOCQUET's property sale. These two parcels are intended for his son Louis, who was the only survivor, in spite of serious injuries, from World War 1.

A few years later, Jules bought Les Grands Échézeaux and worked all his life long to put together a 3 hectare parcel in the Échézeaux, at a locality named « les Loächausses».





Domaine Louis Gros

Louis GROS continued the work begun by his father under the name Domaine LOUIS GROS and then Domaine LOUIS GROS & FILS.

He died in 1951. His four children (Jean, Gustave, François and Colette) ran the estate on a joint possession basis.

In 1963, they split the domain :

Gustave and Colette put their shares together to create the Domaine GROS FRERE ET SOEUR, which is run by Bernard GROS, their nephew and Michel's brother.

Jean and François worked together in the company GROS PERE ET FILS until 1973 when they split to set up their own estate.





Domaine Jean Gros


Jean GROS had received 4 ha of vines in his share, composed of the "CLOS DES REAS", 0,5 ha in Richebourg and 0,5 ha in Vosne Romanée.

   He developed his domain - the Domaine Jean GROS – to a great extent by buying vines such as, for example, the CLOS VOUGEOT in 1967, that he bought in the name of his son Michel for his 11th birthday.

   It is above all by regrouping and replanting fallow land in Vosne Romanée, Nuits Saint Georges, in the Bourgogne  appellations and in the HAUTES CÔTES DE NUITS (at Arcenant), that he developed the estate.

   Jean GROS, an innovative and original mind, has always been a fervent advocate of high and large vine training, a practice that is still present in the HAUTES CÔTES DE NUITS, where they have been widely adopted. He also was an enthusiastic supporter of mechanisation and contributed to adapt and adjust a lot of gear and techniques.

   After 1995's wine harvest, Jean GROS retired and split the domain (GFA Jean GROS) between his three children :

   Michel, who had run the estate together with his own parcels up to that date;

   Anne-Françoise, married with François PARENT, who had created the A.F GROS domain in Pommard in 1988;

   Bernard, manager of the Domaine GROS FRERE ET SOEUR where he had worked since 1980.



Born in 1956

Domaine Michel Gros

Since 1979

When he finished his studies at Beaune Viticultural high school in 1975, Michel GROS started to work with his father, Jean, on the family estate.

   In 1978, while continuing to collaborate with his father Jean GROS, he set the first stone of his own domain, the Domaine Michel GROS, owning 2 hectares in BOURGOGNE HAUTES COTES DE NUITS appellation, inherited from his father.

So it was in 1979 that his first vintage was produced.

Year in, year out, the domain has spread in the Hautes-Côtes thanks to new plantations on slopes that had been abandoned since the Phylloxera crisis and the buying of some parcels in the Côte :


  •  VOSNE ROMANÉE Aux Réas in 1990
  •  several plots in CHAMBOLLE MUSIGNY in 1993 and then in 1996
  •  MOREY SAINT DENIS En La Rue de Vergy in 1995


When Jean GROS retired and divided his estate in 1995, Michel, who had run this estate together with his own parcels up to that date, received in his share :


  •     The CLOS DES REAS, a Monopoly, Vosne Romanée 1er Cru;
  •       Two parcels of NUITS SAINT GEORGES;
  •      One parcel of VOSNE ROMANÉE;
  •      One parcel of BOURGOGNE.


In 1997, the ÉCARD family (GFA des ARBAUPINS) entrusted Michel with the running of their 3,5 ha estate located in Vosne -Romanée and Nuits-Saint-Georges; then in 2008, a 2,5 ha parcel in the Hautes-Côtes de Nuits. The whole parcels presently represent 23 hectares.


Since the 1999 vintage, the labels of the Domaine MICHEL GROS have changed. This change was not without consideration – on the contrary.

The previous label, intentionally similar to the label of the Domaine JEAN GROS, made mention of Michel Gros, the winemaker of the two concerns.

Unfortunately, this first label type was not the property of the domain but belongs to a printer who also uses it for other winemakers. With the succession at the domain, the time had come to modify that label. Michel GROS took the decision to use a very old engraving of the Clos des Réas, dated from 1860, and to make of its gateway the emblem of the domain. This format, subsequently registered, can only be used by the Domaine Michel GROS.

   You have just discovered the story of a dynasty made famous in Burgundy by its hard work, its expertise and the quality of its wines over the centuries.

   Michel GROS has pursued, with passion and determination, the efforts undertaken by his ancestors.