Vintage 2013

2013 is once again a vintage responsible for seriously stressing the winegrowers in Burgundy. We had a bad fight against mildew and oidium on our hands, in view to bring healthy grapes to the winery.


An exceptionally cold and wet month of May explains mainly th delay in harvesting, starting in Vosne the 6th of October and ending in the Hautes-Côtes on the 17th. Last time harvest was even later than this goes back to the 1978 vintage.

A very disturbed weather during the flowering period in the second half of June resulted in flower abortion and millerandage for nearly all the bunches, consequently showing small berries and a harvest between 30 and 40% lower than average.


However the millerandage saved this vintage.

The small bunches ripened perfectly in spite of a mixed summer, except for a hot and sunny month of July.

The millerandage also helped to strongly reduce the sensitivity to Botrytis cinerea which could have totally destroyed the grapes during the last stormy days before harvest.

The millerandage, while reducing the proportion of juice, is the reason why the wines have such a sustained colour, a natural concentration without excessive tannins, as the imperfect fecundation decreased the number and size of the pips.


A late ripeness due to the rather chilly temperatures allowed the intense fruit aromas to develop, specific markers of each terroir, and a high acidity level, synonym of longevity.

This analytic acidity, revealed by low PH, is not detected during tasting, thanks to very mellow tannins and a rich texture reducing its perception.


The wines are already very seductive due to their harmony, their equilibrium, their intensity and their precise aromas. They will keep for many years and remind us of the 1993 vintage, still excellent to-date.






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